Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exciting Things

No Mom, I'm not having another baby. Seeing how I can barely do dishes daily, it's not so sad as you are probably going to tell me that is.

Also I noticed if you are knitter and you blog about knitting and then you have a baby ... your content suffers ... at least it seems to, to me. Your patterns are small people centric, super cutesy, your words are more ... cutesy, and I'm usually envious that you are able to have someone under 5 and still knit and write and make homemade baby food while experimenting with focaccio recipes and high res SLR photos. whoa. I N S E CU R E much?

I am not a baby hater. (and no that is not an exciting thing.)

This article on Slate about how Freakin' Fantastic Ravelry is, as a focused social network. For all my friends that mock me, IT or not about knitting and my constantly saying, you can find me on Ravelry, not on Facebook ... Validation at last!(Thanks Harrigan for the sharin')

July 15: HP7 Pt II. The trailers look soo good. I may have to re read Book 7 again.

Which might keep me from pre-ordering and devouring this: A Dance with Dragons

Funtime Japanese snack shop opening in Westfield Mall ... just two MUNI stops away!!

Pale Horse is a new Ms. Marple Masterpiece Mystery! on PBS this Sunday. I "Nook'd" it and thought I'd read ahead for best marks on my Compare and Contrast essay. ha! Well lesson #1, Agatha Christie has her main narrator NOT as Ms. Marple but as a Mark Easterbrook. More interestingly Mrs. Oliver the Mystery writer is a notable character, but I remember her from the Poirot mysteries. Then again, were those the screen plays ... or the novels. Who Cares Yay for Mysteries!

Okay and knitting. Let's not forget that I am getting my money's worth out of those Addis. I must have some progress on my projects finished when Lu and Bananas! return from vacation.

More Ellen Excitement to come!!

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  1. Calbee is yummy! I haven't put forth any money, but I have spent a good amount of time there sampling everything! They have the most adorable paper cable car boxes too.