Monday, July 25, 2011

An Oldie but Goodie

No, I'm not talking about the Man Friend! ha!

I was actually talking to Coach P. yesterday about the Atlantic Monthly article that I posted about earlier. He agreed that the Atlantic Monthly really is an enjoyable read.

He then sent me this old article from the New York.

Sometimes I am crippled by propriety, sometimes from self doubt in every aspect of my life. I loathe it, but I need to learn to trust my instinct, and then temper it.

The Man Friend is on board in the new regime of consistency, and non negotiations. He is on board to help find The Kid's inner drive. I'm feeling more comfortable pushing (within reason). I'm okay that I have expectations.

Mind you I say all of this like it's the first week of my new "Get Healthy: Lose Weight, Gain Life!" personal campaign.

Check on me in a month and see if we're still team, "Grow a self sufficient, confident well adjusted competent kid"

You never know, all three of us could be back on "Team Lazypants Parenting".

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