Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Weekend!! Free to be Me!

This weekend I attempted the Ellen re-versionist history of "America's Birthday" with The Kid of Nutella toast and tea ... I think I got a C+. I think I could've done better given more time to prep and of course ... more coffee.

This weekend, we got rid of some more crap. Not much, but things that needed to be done.

The Kid and I went and did a big walk from Downtown to the Embarcadero back up through Chinatown after a Dim Sum stop and then back through Union Square. We got keys made (You heard it HM & Harrigan!) when the kid stopped me going through the Stockton tunnel and said, "2 sets ... one for your office, one for my backpack ... in case you forget them ... again."

The Kid managed to embrace the cleaning with minimal yelling on Saturday. (I'll take one day out of three thank you very much)

We ate out of the fridge. We didn't try to plan every meal, but there was food enough for another family.

I worked on my stir-fry noodles for breakfast (needs work, needs cabbage and more onion and higher heat etc.)

I got in a Zumba morning class on Sunday (Yay Koolaid!) at a Mobu Studio: Super fun, really a hard work out, I was dying at the end, and again, people so nice it makes you feel like humanity has a chance ;)

I drove to class and back. I drove way too fast. I didn't mean to, I wasn't angry. It was almost so empty it felt like I should. I wanted to race a taxi on Folsom. I didn't but I looked at him so he would know that I was faster than him. And then I did get to the stop light faster than him, but ... we weren't racing.

As if exercise and not racing taxis wasn't enough to make me smiley face, I got some alone time in too, as the boys were set to Beyblade AND video game battle. The Kid received $20 from Great Aunt Deb and had been reading product reviews online Thursday and Friday. After a trip to Toys R Us together, I knew I would be useless to him most of the day except as someone to report back his toy research findings. ha! So spoiled I know! But not as spoiled as me...

I spent enough money at Imagiknit to make sure all the staffers get paid. I bought 10 hanks of Peruvia Quick to knit this:

I know, bulky ass wool yarn during one of the hottest weeks San Francisco has ever known in July? Dude, it's called inspiration -- go with it. I see all these friends, bloggers, knit shop kindly staffers who knit what is fun.

Stockinette loses it's fun, even if it's easy.

So even though Aidez is pieces that must be seamed together, think positive!! big yarn, big needles + cabling = fun times! I'm looking forward to it! That's what knitting is about!

And I couldn't leave the shop without a little happy squishy shawl stash of Madelinetosh Worsted. Oooo dreamy and a colorway chockful of warm that I never knit. It's different. I'm feeling different.

Besides I think that one stockinette sweater on the needles is enough ...

Yet, once I decided that it was okay to take a step back from the "Have To" of finishing the Effortless cardigan, I wanted to knit it.

I know, I sweeten my coffee with twisted logic every morning.

So even after I picked up a sleeve and it looked like an armpit had two holes in it, after 7 rounds or so. I pulled out the sleeve. But see, I had let go again, and decided sleeves aren't so bad and tried again, with better results.

I was able to go to a fun-time BBQ with the family and come back and wind two more balls of yarn that I will probably need to finish this sleeve and the next and the 3 inch ribbing all the way around. (Endless I tell you.)

This is all fine. I also balled 3 hanks of the Peruvia Quick, just lookin' at me all seductively. "You know you want to cable me ..."

!giggle! Oh how I do.

So the weekend started out a Mother and son meandering about, snacks and chores and screwed up knitting, we both got new shiny distraction and ignored each other for appropriate amounts of happy time.

Yay Independence Weekend!

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