Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dream Weaver

No worries, my fiber crafting love has not jumped onto the Weaving or Spinning nature. Nope, today I'm talking about real dreams. No, no, not lofty goals and aspirations like having clean surface space or children that chew with their mouths closed. (Really people, we all can't be so ambitious)

Last night was like having an extra day of adventures. Last night was having a super consolidated day off/ vacation with my family. Last night was a confrontation of fears that I could wake from and not sweat. Last night reminded me that essentially I am a freak awake or asleep.

I dreamt that I was naked at Chuck E. Cheese and some stranger woman stole my tokens while I was SO obviously standing in front of the machine. She KNEW they belonged to me and didn't care.

I didn't beat her up. I admit I am slightly disappointed in my dreamself for not throwing down for my tokens. I did give her a firm "Hey!!" or something like that and shook my fist like a righteous pedestrian with an inconsiderate driver. Oh well, I had other issues like making sure my bathrobe hid my nakedness. There was a part of my dream that I was running around Chuck E. Cheese frantically looking for my bathrobe. I didn't know where The Kid was, but hey I needed my bathrobe. And how brilliant am I that after I find my bathrobe I still wanted to play skee-ball. WTF. Well hey, at least dream Chuck E. Cheese pizza doesn't smell as bad as real life.

I also dreamt about some other really cool adventurey stuff with my roommies, but I can't remember them very well, though I was sure to prattle on about it at 5:30 am to Man Friend. I do remember The man friend being worried about me being pregnant away from home and I remember telling him to shut up. WTF? Maybe there is a reason I now only remember the one about being stolen from while in a bathrobe in Chuck E. Cheese.

Naked in Chuck E. Cheese, I think I just found the title of my next novel.

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  1. My coworker's first job was at a Chuck E. Cheese's. He wore the Chuck E. Cheese suit and greeted/scared the kids. He would purposely trip/whack the punk-ass 10 year olds with his giant tail. But only the kids who would punch him first.