Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As Predicted

Today The Manfriend and I had our first 3rd grade parent teacher conference.

It was nothing ... surprising. (Which by the way reminds me of what my boss said to me during my personal performance appraisal. "Nothing should come as a surprise.")


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

We are pleased that he is well behaved and engaged in class. The teacher admitted he is not sure if The Kid gets on well with everyone or if he resolves his conflicts outside the classroom, but the kid seems to be doing okay. Well that sounds all "yay, not too shabby parenting right?"


The Kid is a sloppy and lazy. He wants to be done with his assignments so he hurries and is not paying attention to detail. He just wants to read his book. The thing is most of his work is correct. But what good is the right answer (as I tell him every evening) if no-one can read it? Well we, Mom and Dad swore on my Asian mother's wooden spoon, we will be consistent together on the homework neatness factor.

First evening = verge of tears, lots of sighing but compliance.

True Confession: When the teacher reviewed an example of him working out a word problem ... I totally glazed over. I'd like to blame it on the little chairs cutting off my circulation ... but seriously snoozerific. Manfriend was actually trying to work it out. I saw  his thinking face, ha!

Family time highlight: When asked by his father who the prettiest girl in class was, The Kid just giggled so much he fell out of the chair.

Low score for: Using sarcasm and teasing as parenting tactics.

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