Monday, October 17, 2011

Sighing Through the Knitting Progress

For the reals. I'm on piece 7 of 10 for the moderne baby blanket. You'd think I'd be pleased. I'm plateauing. These last 3 pieces are getting bigger, that's this pattern, that's the nature of this beast. Picking up clean edges has been more challenging than I thought and when you're staring down a hundred stitches or so at my skill level you start sighing.

So much more garter stitch to do.

But I did complete 2 pieces this weekend so I thought that deserved a reward.

No I did not pick-up either festering sweater at the side of my bed.

I picked up an attempt at a baby sweater! I am trying this one: baby sophisticate, I was feeling good about it. I updated my Ravelry notes and caught the tone. Yes, I'm neurotic, but it's obvious, I'm not happy with what's happening?
I know this project calls for Aran weight, but I didn’t have any in stash. I’ve never done a baby cardigan before, and I noticed that people said the pattern ran a little large.

I used this yarn (ella rae classic chunky - heather) before and thought I could still do it on 8s. I prolly could’ve gone up a needle size and down a garment size. The knit is dense.

However I want to see if I actually follow sweater construction on a smaller scale. I consider this a practice run.

Let’s see what happens. Will my sweater desires be met or unrequited?

I spent a lot of time using my neurosis for paralysis instead of cleaning. I came THIS close to ripping it out, returned to my objective of "practice run" and remembered the biggest personal bullsh*t game in the knitter's handbook. (as reminded to me in a recent post by the yarnharlot), "I'll block the hell out of it."

Good luck with that, self.

But see, I gotta get back to that blanket.

And as the Stark Family Motto says, "Winter is Coming" and I've got some knitting to do. I'm thinking cables somewhere in there, a new hat pattern and maybe a cowl ... or 2 ... or 3? Crazypants I know. I can't be contained.

First though there is a baby coming that needs a shawl collar old man cardigan. Bring on the blocking.

* Blocking is a technique - for shaping fiber garments; a sometimes painful defensive sport maneuver; preventative dating; preventative interweb and cable interactions.

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