Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Knotted Balls of Yarn: A Personality Test

I was flying, or at least I was feeling positive and optimistic about my stash coloured Moderne Baby Blanket. And then something happened. The yarn I was sloshing around with me got tangled. I spent a lot of time last night untangling a bit and then ... knitting and then repeating the whole thing. It was like a bad break-up, I knew the end was coming, but for whatever reason, I thought I could make it last.

And then right before bedtime I looked where I had joined the third colour and saw that it was pulled tight or something was wrong for about 5 tiny stitches. I think this was a side effect of my tugging and pulling. Now this is just maximum sad face. If I hadn't had a knot, then I would've had more rows to show for it. Probably  0 rows with that weird tightness thing.

I picked up my embroidery scissors and snipped  the knot away.

It still seemed wonky to me. There is another section kind of loose and crazy, but loose. I think to myself, I can handle that tangle. I cut away that horrible knot knowing tomorrow yes, I will have to join yarn in the middle of a colour unnecessarily, but on the other hand, I will be able to make a good pace and hopefully peace with this latest piece.

Sometimes you just gotta let go.

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