Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday & I'm Feverish

I'm hot baby, I'm sizzling. Not like last week, where it took advil to bring me back to normal.

I'm talking about bonafide Friday Happy. I'm making lists, checking them twice with all the sweet goodness weekend anticipation brings.

It actually fueled some productivity at work. E N E R GY like a bad radio song.

Baby Patterns matched to stash yarn.
Determination to back-up the laptop and the oodles of photos aka precious memories and the itunes library - happy sustenance for both The Manfriend and The Kid.
Guacamole. I don't know how but I'm workin' it in there.
Bringing back 9am Zumba Zombie Sunday morning.
Bathroom and Watercloset will smell like bleach.
Laundry will be a life factor, not a bedroom obstacle.

2tbl, slide off needle, slide back onto the left and repeat. A stretchy bind off that doesn't make me feel like an idiot. Thank you interwebs. I still don't think it has the stretch of Jeny's stretchy bindoff, but it's still better than mine with bigger needles.

Must knit more. Must knit all weekend long.

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