Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Don't you EVEN look at another cardigan

I'd like to report that I'm proving myself the half-ass knitter again.

I had a hellacious head cold that has really wiped me out. At times, I wanted a gold star for simply being able to keep my ginormous head upright and on my shoulders.

I managed to finish the sleeves for Aidez.

It's not pretty, but these are my two fronts and one sleeve crowded onto an ottoman to dry

We will see, if the proportions actually match up, and if my wily methods of decrease retain the loveliness of the designer's design.

Next a whole lot of encouraging whispers for the seaming.

Wish me luck people, wish me completion.

In the meantime, I will keep my eyes from wandering to other lovely cardigan patterns, that would probably just languish around in knitting baskets in my house ... Stranger Cardigan, Moonshine, Common Ground. I could go on.

Meanwhile, here is an attempt at a stitch detail shot of the two fronts side by side ... before running out to work.

P.S. This morning I was asked, "Are those dry yet?" Ahh, motivation comes in many forms.


  1. oooh those cables are stunning!!

    sending you strength for the seaming!! you can do it!!


  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate the visit and the kind words of encouragement!