Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Parental Thoughts

I have them every now and then. Baby Daddy would argue, I over think and often complicate things. He wouldn't be wrong.

I read this today in Lainey Gossip (Don't laugh, I love that celebrity drivel. In moderation of course, and Lainey's site feels ... kinder than most.)
Have you noticed how often “follow your dreams” is given as career advice, as opposed to “work really hard”?
The post started with Michael Jackson's eldest teenage son getting correspondence work for an Entertainment show, and then drifted into internships and work experience that prepares you for a positive career. (At least that's my take away.)

I still think "work really hard" is just a set of words. You actually have to do it, or get your kid to do it. And that is easier said than done, as well.

As The Kid turns 10, I realize there are so many things I could've handled or prepped him a little better on. I am not dwelling on it too much, because how is that positive for any of us? We move forward to be better as individuals and together. I want him to be grateful, knowing the value of people, as well as things. I want him to have a good work ethic.

I don't feel he is void of these things, but parenting is always a baseline. With love, I try to provide the base of attributes, skills to continue to improve and grow and survive; physically and emotionally in this world that isn't always gentle.

His father infinitely more patient and nurturing then I am, is my control and check place. Single parents, or parents that are often separated by travel / occupation or multiple jobs I am so in awe of. If I were on my own, not only would this be so much harder logistically, but emotionally I think both my son and I would be a hot(ter in my case) mess. (I can't even go into parents -- whether together or not have, who have different parenting agendas, I have it pretty easy)

Happy Birthday Kid. I love you so much more than you'll ever know. You make me bonkers. Seriously.

Birthday Morning. Present before school!! Mom enough with the photos in the morning, you'll make me late again.

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  1. HE is so cute. What a sincere honest post. Why do we as mothers always feel we aren't doing enough? YOU ARE!!! I know it