Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the knitting horizon: The latest list

Something has been finished! Another Christopher. I think this yarn Plymouth Encore Worsted was a bit heavy for this pattern. Madelinetosh would be better. Anyways ...
The solid side of things

The striped side of things

You know what that means, new stuff!

This begs the question of what is next.

Another set of diaper pants for a baby shower next weekend to be given with a gift card. I will probably gift the mother something else when she has the baby in April.

Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan in orange superwash for HM's baby. I don't know why, but my desire to knit this child lots of things is a little out of control. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the things I did finish.

Here's the thing with this gift knitting. I am not excited by it. It feels like a "have to" on my list (even though I already have a gift for this person). At least the diaper pants. Since I've given HM something already, that orange cardi is more of a first birthday present on the horizon. The thing is, I can see the yarn staring at me from the plastic bin every morning. It says,
"Remember me? Your friend likes this color. Yeah, we could be great together, baby!"
Bah, Baby? Get it? !

I've been meaning to
Granlibakken - There is something so sweet to this pattern. Also, because the three times I attempted it, it was obvious that this "simple knit" as everyone was saying, kept coming out lopsided for me, means I have to learn something simple ... again in knitting.

Henslowe - The need to shawl knit is strong.

Windward - Blame the Yarnharlot. I think I need to make one of these, not a full-blown shawl, and hopefully will not make me too flustered.

Yarnster -  Luvinthemommyhood keeps bringing the good knit. And apparently I haven't left my hat hankering at the door. So sweet the new pattern is free.

Oh and that pattern reminds me, wasn't I saying I wanted to do the Downton Cowl again in Tart.

So where to start ... where to start?

Dang, just writing this list has helped me. At the moment I'm thinking: the wonder blanket AKA the monster (thought I forgot about it? I did! but Kathy B has inspired!), diaper pants, downton, yarnister, windward, and then tiny tea leaves.

I will not cast them ALL on. (I WILL NOT, it's my new 2013, mainly because I seem to fall out of love too fast and end up with too many things that hibernate or need to be frogged) I suspect I may not be a very good multi-tasking knitter.


  1. the hat looks great!
    i don't know how you'll chose what to do next with such a tempting lineup of choices!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!
    I LOVE The hats....

  3. Sometimes it feels like we have to cast on and knit everything all at once but remember, knitting is our daily love so inch by inch, stitch by stitch. Every project you want to knit is lovely!