Friday, February 15, 2013

That took a lot longer than I thought: Seaming and Weaving

The thing is, I know it will always take longer than I think it will. However, I didn't think it would take THAT long.

After I plucked up some courage, I arranged my dry pieces for Aidez and realized, they will fit together. The proportions should work. Then I just had to wait for the proper block of time. That was, last night while The Kid was asleep and we watched episode 9 of Game of Thrones. (Not that I'm a prude, but ... oh my)

Slowly, I seamed. I had to unseam, and seam again. I tried to use as many of the tails from joining balls as I could. I should've had something to hold the pieces together, like binder clips, because I think my tension and alignment shifted on the pieces and this caused me problems.

I wasn't even half way finished at the end of the episode. I dragged Aidez to bed with me after brushing my teeth. When The Manfriend put his book down and turned off the light he said, "Don't stay up all night finishing your sweater." I said, "Of course not."

But I stayed up till 1am, seaming, and unseaming. If something was wrong, I had to fix it. Everyone knows you won't wear a lumpy, long armpit sweater, even if you knit it yourself.

At 1am it still wasn't done.

This morning they left and I grabbed my cup of coffee, turned on the local news and had at that sweater again. I left for the office with the sweater still not finished in a market bag. The seaming at least was done. Next, I needed to secure my weave-ins.


I met a couple of knitters at lunch and began weaving in ends as we perused Ravelry on an iPad and talked patterns. I did not finish weaving in the ends.

I tried it on though. It fits. It's a little long, and has already garnered the love of a cherished bathrobe the way it hangs. I am already considering doing the same construction for a "quick" stockinette knit version to keep my sister from taking this one.

I don't want to jinx it, but I think I finally made something for me. Something I will wear. (T & B were kind enough to model for me)

Yay completion. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement of support. I think it would've languished on the ottoman for another month without them.

Fits T to a T, ha!

 B tries it on for me.

Sleeve Detail


  1. oh goodness did it ever turn out lovely!!
    great great job!!

  2. NOw that is some amazing knitting and finishing! ! I am so impressed