Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Recap/Recovery

Strawberry Nutella Mini Baguette Sammy
I veered slightly off course this weekend. 3 days of my Mom made crazy pants!

I didn't really knit much. Just a bit on a red hat. I decided to reread an old mystery.

I did a lot of grocery shopping. I went clothes shopping and hated everything I put on my body, including ... well my body. You know how it goes, it just wasn't a good day for clothes shopping. I'm sure I'll have a successful venture in the future. Meanwhile, I saved some yarn money ;)

I had a bowl of Vietnamese soup by myself and watched the people of San Francisco enjoy a warm February, Saturday.

The family ran our annual Chinatown 5k on Sunday. I walked part of it, my shins hurt. (My stepfather who runs regularly says this is usually a sign you need new shoes. I'm good at ordering sneakers!) The boys left me in the dust. The Kid got 3rd place in his age division! Not bad huh?

Family Photo, a rarity, but not smart enough to take the photo BEFORE we ran.
Then, I went kitchen crazy. I baked two kinds of cookies, made cinnamon pull-apart bread, 3 kinds of tea sandwiches, meyer lemon and blood orange lemonade, frosted tea cakes, baked zuchinni fries and mini corn dog muffins.

These are my tea cakes. Definitely a case of FUI (frosting under the influence) but they make me smile.
I had Little Snoopy and Lady A over with their kids. Our tea party turned into lots of wine. But fun times as usual ensued. I just have to bounce back now!

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