Monday, February 4, 2013


I really have to learn to "slow my roll" as the kids (used to?) say.

I opened my inbox and tried to de-clutter and get to the important stuff and respond. I was derailed. I got a Plucky Knitter notification. Sweater Kit pre-order sale. Oh man. I clicked the link thinking I would just ... look.

Fat chance. Next thing I know, I was pre-ordering the Contessa colorway, the size with the extra skein, because what if my bust size is larger than I thought?

And now the post impulse guilt:
  • I don't feel like my knitting skills are really worthy of this kit.
  • I have been trying to keep my distance from sweaters. My last 3 have not really turned out as well as I would've liked. 
  • Aidez is still blocking on my ottoman.
  • I screwed up my last kit from Plucky Knitter. The sad face, pulled too hard Color Affection.
  • I have so much in stash right now. I can't knit fast enough.
  • I recently bought yarn at my local for a Mom project. (I have been knitting with completion on this. But there is still a lot of yarn left.)
And this is the justification: Still, a shiny new project is on the horizon. A bright raspberry colored cardigan at that. March is the estimated date of arrival. Which gives me a month to diligently work through dent my stash.

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  1. Leave the guilt behind and look forward to your shiny package arriving next month. There's no rush to cast on or complete your sweater kit ... just enjoy the process!