Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Downton Update

Sorry I'm no photographer.
I still haven't blocked it yet, so I avoided the "whole piece" shot.

The Manfriend will often retire to the bedroom when I watch Downton Abbey. Or I will sequester myself in the bedroom, so I don't have to hear the boys mock my show, "How's DownTOWN Abbey? Who's being horrible today? Is it that Bran guy?"

They say I watch it like sports, where I smack the furniture (or the nearest person) in brute frustration. I talk at the t.v. or yell at it and coach all the characters on what they should be doing. To say I might suffer withdrawal when the season ends ... is mild.

I finished the Downton Cowl in Nikko blue (discontinued Vintage Tosh). It's made me happy. It needs to be blocked, but it's a sense of accomplishment, and the pattern was both easy and fun enough to keep me knitting when I wasn't watching Edwardian tv.

I decided I will need to do this project again, but in a color that has some different grades and shades to it.

I picked up Tart in Vintage Tosh. Oooo. But! This is in a holding pattern, as I go forth on other knitting adventures...

ps: I love how Project Stash calls Sunday, "Downton Abbey Day"

1 comment:

  1. i love that color blue! can't wait to see the whole thing once it's blocked, i bet it's just gorgeous!!

    i have yet to start downton abbey - it's in my netflix queue, but i know when i start i will be unable to do anything except watch it, so i've hesitated thus far to take the plunge....