Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Asian Appreciation Moment

I have pride of course I do!

And yes I know that May was Asian American, Pan Pacific Heritage, all inclusive Asianing month. (no I can't remember the actual title) No, I did not participate at any of the festivals, mainly because of soccer momming.

I like seeing things that take up a perspective of the Asian American, I like it when it's not screaming angry and preachy.

I also think that some jokes only sound good coming from "us", or those who I've deemed completely aware of their social and moral consciousness. I do cringe when some of these people make jokes in the presence of others that are um, not aware of where their affiliations lie.

Does that make sense?

Oh yes, it's that hypocrisy thing again.

Anyways, this is really supposed to be an appreciation moment.

So here are some latest and greatest things that have given me GREAT PRIDE.

Elderly Asian Cheerleaders Making Happy and Healthy!

Disgrasian Girl's Fantastic Hardass Asian Mom Karate Kid Review -- I will write my own as soon as I recover from my Wuss Attack.

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