Friday, June 18, 2010

Conversation with The Kid

Scene: Waiting for the 24 or 35 at Castro & Market. Overcast, but mildly muggy.

Skinny son, switching his hips to a silent samba: You know Mom, you worry too much.

Chubby Mom, resting arms on cross-slung over-sized purse and food baby belly: I know, I worry about everything. I'm working on it.

Son: No, I mean you worry about me too much. You should worry about yourself more.

CM: What do you mean?

Son, head slightly cocked, weight shifted onto one leg, hands dug into the padded straps of his backpack: You know, Drink less coffee, Take your vitamins ...

CM: I know, you are right, I should exercise more.

Son: Yes putting hands in front of belly and small of back like a mom sandwich: Then you can shrink this!

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