Thursday, June 10, 2010

Management Report

The quick trip to Yosemite was successful. I will not yammer on about it yet, since I am going to do a whole post on it. It will -- get this include pictures to enhance the story, since I found my handy dandy trusty camera.

In fact there have been multiple complaints to Management of constructive criticism that the oveall photo department has been slacking. Well we acknowledged this is an issue, as we were having resource allocation problems for quite a while. (like no camera dude)

Goal for the weekend will be to upload AND post. crazy talk.

The slow continual purge is in progress. Halted only by the insane amount of laundry generated by 3 people that shall remain nameless. Unfortunately our findings are that holiday fun is only one factor in the size of the mass.

New ipod is online. I haven't figured out all the problems with my library or created a separate profile for the Kid. but so far it's progress ... The Kid likes to wear big ass headphones. I will try to take a snap for you. And I he is STILL WAITING MOM for Michael Jackson tunes ... of his own.

School is officially out, and I bought shorts and wore them in public.

Summer is on like Donkey Kong.

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