Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Ellen Rant: Kristen Stewart and Twilight

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Alright I know that I have pulled Kristen Stewart out separately and smushed her together with my overall Twilight Rant. And I think by doing so, I am making some kind of point at how irritated I am with Both her and Twilight -- and I'm not making any sense.

But that is how I feel about KS and Twilight. I feel like I am constantly being subjected to information about both that I don't want. And SO obviously Kristen doesn't want it either.

She is portrayed as ungrateful, and aloof and so bored and so suffering from the general malaise. She speaks of the entrapments of the hard earned career of craft riddled with the pitfalls of intrusiveness and lack of privacy and fame.

She realizes that her opinion and persona is going to be analyzed and critiqued ... just like her movies. She doesn't think this is fair.

WHY do I know all this? Because I swear, every single magazine, tabloid, industry, even your local newspaper in the Entertainment section has been beating us over the head with the Twilight Phenomenon. Therefore everything and anything related to Twilight is going to be captured and talked about ... more.

Like me. Like this. I am actually experiencing self loathing as I write this.

The thing is, I tried to read the book. I read the first one, and could just not get behind it. It was really shallow. It didn't have as much texture or depth as I've come to expect. There was so much teenage brooding that felt like some kind of Remake of Sweet Valley High in Vampire Pants.

I tried to watch the movie, boringo, couldn't even get through it. Watched part of the second movie on the plane. I didn't have audio half the time. And that was fine, all those heartfelt, pained looks were enough.

Quite frankly, I couldn't care about these characters. I didn't really like anyone very much. The ones I kind of liked I felt like perhaps I shouldn't? All characters are flawed, but for whatever reason. Twilight comes off as a dealbreaker for me. I could not buy in.

Yet the story has made people obsessive, so now every single interview, not with the character but the actors are now being regarded as the characters. And as J.Harvey pointed out in his blog, those interviews might labotimize you. (Really people?? This is important to you? Even as entertainment? GEEZ. I highly suggest knitting or the Wii ... shit)

However it's brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people. It's brought fortune and fame and fanatics. It's also brought out the media crazy. I just find it so odd that the crazy is really in fact so annoyingly boring.

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