Friday, June 11, 2010

Granny Love

I have love for the granny, really I do.

I love when other people love their grannies.

I am thankful for grannies.

I do not want to knit granny inspired items.

A new feature in that I really like is "Queue it Up!". It pulls project ideas from the ravelry community and ties them in a theme. Last issue was a nautical theme. L O V E it. It's where I got the beach bag pattern from.

This issue the author dedicates to her granny. Granny inspired patterns. Not your granny's granny knitting. The patterns aren't bad, they aren't necessarily grannyish, except for the coasters -- meh. But I think despite the sweetness it was written with, my judgemental lobe decided I'm disappointed.

Hope they keep up this article though. REALLY great feature idea.

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