Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hocus Focus

Lu said, "We forget to dream big."

Shing said, "We have to focus on the positive energy. We need to find ways to move towards the good."

HM said, "Why worry about it if you are doing what you can. If something comes up and you have to fix it. Worry about it then. Fix it then."

So I've decided, domestic, work-life and hobbies be damned, I need to think outside the triangle. I need to see beyond my realm -- without losing sight of it. I need to remember how to push myself. I need an exercise in focus.

So I am giving myself approximately the rest of the calendar year to figure out two things.

1) How does one hold a public event in this city? What needs to be done? What are realistic costs. The event is decided on.

2) How does one go about getting a sample or prototype produced for a potential product? (Yay, alliteration!)

The event is like a music festival, the product is a gadget. The event I am just seeing if I can follow through with all the personal follow-ups, persistent phone calls etc. The prototype (giggle) I waffle on how much I like it, but am more curious to see "How does that really happen?" and will push my researching skills.

Wish me luck.

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