Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keep Feelin' Fascination ...

That song is sooo much better for getting stuck in your head compared to that Katy Perry "Fireworks" song. They love that girl on Youtube. Fireworks, is really catchy, and really easy to sing out loud so we all find ourselves singing it in the household. Someone catches the other singing it and groans. Now when someone's being obnoxious we refer to each other as "Katy Perry", as in "knock it off Katy Perry ..."

We are a funny bunch, the family.

We all have our things we are a little ... obsessive about. The Kid is obvious with Harry Potter, Legos, and Ninjas. The Man Friend with his periodicals, and penchant for World War II Non Fiction and sports viewing.

Yet when I see one of them get caught up in the article or the project that the boys don't want to walk away from (this is more the younger than the older) why am I so easily irritated? Why am I affronted or shocked?


For all the poor torture that I inflict on The Kid with "Whyyyyyy is that not done (you can substitute done with, clean, finished, put away etc.)??? Stop daydreaming, you need to focus on what you're supposed to do!"


I tell myself, "I knit almost everyday. Just a little bit. Surely this should quench my desire to fiber away the day right?" Nooooo. I am determined to stay up and finish Ms. Vikki's hand warmers. Oh but before I sleep I should really start that other piece to the sweater if I'm going to make my milestones. I realized that I didn't bring any knitting in my bag just in case there is some random 5 mins. I get between work, dinner date and PTA meeting and home that I get a chance to knit! I am going home to get something else ... I could get my knitting, and then I realize, I could start another project here, w/that lovely Alpaca and silk on US13 Needles I keep hoarded in my work file cabinet.

Oh yes, the problem is real and fascinating. I'm sure they could do a 30 mins. special for me on A&E or something.

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