Friday, February 4, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Today is the beginning of a new Lunar year. I hope  happiness and success and good health is abundant among us.

I'll tell you what is not looking healthy and abundant, my boobs in this less than supportive "activity" bra. We're talking no underwire, no special reinforced fabrics or padding. I think it is old Pre-Kid days. You know pre-breastfeeding, pre-consistent-chubby-feeling & being days. I wore it because it's lunchtime Yoga. You know, I was trying to be practical. Anyways, I was practical, but now I'm also a lethal combination of self-conscious and feeling "blocky on the inside" as well.

Balance, trying to improve the balance in our lives.

Improve the yarn buying balance with the yarn stashed around the house ...

I have decided to use some dk swirl from lorna lace that I have had stashed for the Effortless Cardigan. I have enough, and I think there may be a chance the variegated yarn could pool and work against me ... I think it will be a fun knit.

I will buy some Madelinetosh for tea leaves and enjoy myself.

I have decided to NOT buy any cascade superwash because ... I don't need it. I'm hoarding already 2 projects deep and struggling to finish my simple little projects now. I need to slow my yarn purchasing roll.

I have decided that happiness and success and good health isn't going to come about like magic. Unfortunately I'm going to have to change. Drat. I'm not very good at that.

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