Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hi my name is Ellen and I:

Went to A Verb for Keeping Warm yesterday and spent $130. It was fantastic happiness. The Man-friend has been dying (no pun intended) for me to go for a long time. The lovely owners and operators of this wonderful local business, bring their business into Man-friend's restaurant all the time. And since he has this wife who is yarn obsessed and has a second husband called, "Knitting".

I brought my pattern. I bought beautiful yarn for the pattern by Sweet Georgia, and the correct size Addi 6 knitting needles.

And then ... I bought additional yarn (skinny bugga) for the same project. You know, in case I want to do it again.

The space is really bright and open. The front was full of women at looms weaving in lesson, and there was some local art featured. There is a big "kitchen knittin'" table that allows you to mull over your choices and colorways. A knitter sat there and worked on her beautiful project while people milled in and out browsing the lovely yarns.

Their hand dyed yarn is gorgeous, but wasn't right for this project. I forsee future purchases.

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