Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'll be yarned...

Bored Twelve Year Old Voice Here: Oh my galoshes! I am sooo tired of working on my in progress projects. Alas my too cluttered house cannot take on another UFO.

Lucky gal that I am DA Sweater Guru looked at my wonky modifications on The Kid sweater and has given me a magic number ... 17 1/2 inches. I'll work to 17 1/2 inches and start shaping the neck, she also soothed my crazy head and told me that the pattern had an error. It wasn't me. Yay! It wasn't me!. The sweater may still be wonky, but there is a better chance of the dimensions working out to wearable. It's this or the trash ...

We sat in the cold grey light of the 5th floor Atrium knitting and chatting. Though DA gave me the push I needed to move forward ... I was envious with their Knit Along Cardigan. I want to do that! DA kept me from fidgeting too much and I managed to work on one shoulder last night.

I met up with DA and Lu to work on the other shoulder and was proud of myself for getting really close to finishing while DA tried to mark my armholes for me. Things seemed bright, things seemed happy and then ... they point out that the angles of my decrease don't look correct for both shoulders ... Oh no.

"Oh No." Lu says. "I can't bear witness to another moment.", citing the backside pouch pocket incident of 2010.

"Wait. wait!" I say, shuffling two printouts of the same pattern.

"It'll be fine..." The DA launches into soothing entreaties in a pre-emptive attempt at keeping away my wailing and the crazy...

"Hmm. hmm." But we figured it out! I repeated the same decreases for  the left shoulder that were only the decreases for the right shoulder. The right shoulder has it's own set of instructions that I sort of spaced out on.

Determined, I will undo and redo the left shoulder and try to stitch the front and back pieces together. I better get cracking or the DA will take the sweater away from me. I think she's more determined to see The Kid wear it than I am! ha!

I just keep thinking of the pattern maker's description of the Weasley Sweater: Homely. It's helping me manage my expectations ...

Until I freak out on them when I start their precious cardigan ... mwahahahaha!

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