Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It hit me Thursday night, but on Friday I was ready to cry for my Mom by the time I left the office, clock watching and drowning in snot...

I'm lucky enough The Kid is mellow and he played on his own most of the Saturday as I explained I did not feel well. Genuinely relieved I would be attending to his meals, he was "OK" with Mom having a sick day. Around 1pm he came into my room and pet my arm and read to me from his Harry Potter book for a few pages. It was right out of an old timey book.

I rallied a little after that, but we decided we were staying in our jammies.

You know wanna know how ill I felt? I didn't pick up knitting needles. I know. Knitting made my head hurt.

-- No, you know like real physical pain, not like that irritated feeling thing that teenage girl bragging  induces.

Sunday seemed to bring some renewal, and I didnt fear going to work so much.  -- At least for health reasons ;) But then I got all evening congested and grouchy. This brought on some of the craziest anxiety dreams I've had in a while. I was picking up dirty laundry that belonged to the boys off a beach and I got attacked by fire ants. STINGING MY HEAD!!! I woke up in a sweat over that one. I was running with The Kid to make our transfer from a, wait for it ... wooden wagon right out of Laura Ingalls, to a bus waiting to take us to another town. Running, are we going to make it? Are we??? Crap! We left the book bag in the wagon, we'll have to ask Neil Patrick Harris to give it to us on Monday. (Hey its my crazy brain I can't explain better than that.)

So though I haven't exactly been active, I feel exhuasted. I just want to work on my knitting, have a cup of tea and a glass of wine (for medicinal purposes I promise). More than a few blocks walking tires me. I feel like I need a nap all the time, but even when I go lay down ... I lay there like a creepy cat ... blink, blink ... yarn, can't sleep ... blink blink... yarn ...

More reasons to not do chores when ill at home: I insisted on cleaning the bathroom because I needed to kill my germs. I got bleach water mixture on my favorite Ravelry hoodie. Crap.

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