Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tryin' to feel younger or prettier or not stinky and clean ...

This is not a genius list.
1. Nivea's Smooth Sensation Daily Lotion : I gotta tell you. I love this stuff. I was ready to try it when it said, "quick absorption." I hate in the morning when I'm hauling *ss out the shower and I slather on some lotion to keep the "olds" away and suddenly I can barely put my jeans on because my legs are sticky from my body lotion. I know people, serious problems right? I am soft AND smooth people. Feel the green!

2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub : Excellent for patchy dry skin moments. Personally was so happy to get my mitts on this stuff, post an overly tissue rubbed nose. Obviously the skin was still all rough and a little dead around my nose and upper lip. What can I say, a little dab will do ya and I felt so much better. Don't laugh I'll scrub my arm pits with this stuff too. TMI -- too bad!

3. Softlips and Chapstick Fresh Effects : I haven't actually tried the green tea version that I have linked to here for chapstick, but I have to tell you both have been really soothing in bad weathers and bad colds and late night invisalign drooling. Wow I'm chockful of TMI today. -- seriously I know I'm not alone.

I just found out that softlips does a lip gloss as well. Heck, I might have to go another level of crazy!
4. Footcream. My old PM CKL gave me some amazing stuff for xmas with all this happy lavendar smells. It really softens your feet over night, working into the cracked heels of my mule, flip flop, wedge loving feet. But you know, I can't always get the fancy CKL stuff, but I like the Dr. Scholls and St. Ives stuff as well, especially when you know it's going to be a while till the next pedicure.

5. Handcream: Nivea handcream with shea butter, smells pretty good, works fast, great for knitting and cooking days where there are tons of dishes.

6. Neosporin and Aquafor. Love that crap. Slather on kid, slather on me depending on the kind of blemish ... sure you might look shiny ... but at least it clears issues up fast.

7. Hairbrushes and rubberbands. I keep trying to tell the kid that it's important. You know a few waves of the brush and it's like magic. Suddenly it appears ... you've made effort. When the brush isn't around try the ponytail/rubberband thing (the kid doesn't have that much hair so it's really just for me).

What I'm gonna try this weekend: Some kind of foaming hair dye. If only they had something that straightened and uncurlied angry gray hairs as well as dye them.

Maybe I won't dye it. I dunno if I necessarily need to look "younger" I think #7 puts me onto something though. I need to look like I care a little, so I suppose I should try a little. ugh. I'm exhausted already. I use all my effort in moisturizing. ha!

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