Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make it Better!

Last night I slept so good. I slept so so good. Even though I am still getting over this icky headcold I feel GOOD. I woke up this morning to the sounds of Man-friend corraling The Kid through the before school rituals and took a big stretch. I think there were chubby cartoon birds hovering on my left and right whistling a happy song. I decided against getting up immediately and laid back down, determined not to make any effort until the last of the boy energy left the house.

I went to turn the kettle on so there would be hot water for coffee when I got out of the shower. Quel Surprise! There was a cup of coffee already made for me in my "Knit Happy" mug that Lu gave me. (Aww shucks, you're the best Lu!) so I hopped in the shower and scrubbed and revived and rejuvenated like a good little worker bee. Ever conscious of time, I still turned on the local news while I moisturized and dressed. I put together a little bag of yarn to swap on Friday after school. I didn't want to bring it in on Friday, because I would have to drag it through the school commute with The Kid before I could get it to work. This is so much more efficient.

I knew I should go get my friend's birthday present at lunchtime instead of after work so I could get home on time for homework/dinner so I looked sadly at my knitting bag as I got ready to leave. And then I thought, maybe I could knit on the street car up to the bookstore at lunch! Of course! I CAN have it all!

I was starving before I even finished my first beverage at work today. (1/2 of that pre-made coffee from earlier) and I knew going to the bookstore would be cutting my time close ... and they are watching us like hawks here, but even supermodels eat ... ocassionally. So, I decided to pick up lunch while I was out would and it would have to be something pretty quick ... I use to maximizes my lunch hour instead of waiting around for the bust. However instead of knitting on the streetcar I run into a friend from the past. He had his handsome son with him ,ready for naptime after a morning at the aquarium with his Dad. Very sweet ... but buh-bye boys, I got two of those at home that always need naps too, if you know what I'm sayin', and this is Momma's lunch hour. Not that there was any implication of hanging out on either side. I was just excited to be alone.Yet despite the butt hauling I attempt to do, I end up buying more than 1 book, I pick up lunch at Super Duper. (which was super yum) but I missed the streetcar on the way back!

Why? In the middle of this keep making it better moment I will rant to you.

Because there was a woman ON HER CELLPHONE trying to open a door and manuever a baby carriage out of it, and wasn't really doing anything with any focus but keep that phone stuck to the side of her face. The door was leaning (in a non threatening way) on her huge stroller. It was actually kind of impressive. However looking back, that from the moment I saw her in the restaurant she was chatting. I'm guessing the kid was sleeping, b/c I didn't look at  it, and I don't think she did either. I bet she developed enough sweat on that phone it could magically stick to her face. I don't think that having long conversations and doing "things" in public is multi-tasking. I'm going old school on this one and I'm going to say it's a form of selfishness/self centeredness and impolite.

Also, what's up with those HUGE strollers?

I digress ... it's okay that I missed the F - streetcar, because  I knit while I waited and I brought just in case taxi money, in case the ticking clock and my anxiety got the better of me. Also, instead of feeling guilty for eating a hamburger (that I wouldn't talk myself out of) for lunch, I got the mini size. It's still a cheeseburger, but really ... what I eat doesn't bother me as much as the amount that I seem to eat. If I didn't have control issues, I wouldn't have control issues. ha!

I look at today with the hopes I'm going to end it with another night of sleep that if it isn't better than last night's, it's going to be just as good.

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