Monday, March 28, 2011

dither, dather, boring verbal lather ...

My head is somewhere on my neck. I cannot explain the contents, but I believe the recipe was lost somewhere along the way.

I forgot my camera going to pick up The Kid from my MIL's house. I always like to take a picture of my knitting going across the Golden Gate Bridge. (I never said it made sense.) The man-friend thinks this is ... odd.

I didn't make anything this weekend from scratch.

Sunday insomnia was so bad, I succumbed to watching Pearl Harbor at like 2 in the morning. Thank the middle of the night spirits I fell asleep before Josh Harnett's squinty eyes could put the moves on Kate Beckinsdale.

I find that my milk & sugar: coffee ratios are doing really.

The Kid has been really sweet lately. He still holds my hand on the sidewalk, and gives me a hug when no one is looking. I think trying to teach him to play Rummy 500 and pretending like I care about all his Club Penguin babbling has elevated me temporarily. I'm still not Dad though ;)

Feeling strong in the knit zone. I have gotten over the crappy dimensions of Badette's baby blanket. The remedy suggested by many a knitter? Garter stitch border around a  rectangle. So it may resemble more of a magic carpet than a blanket. This seems to be a common problem for me and blankets.

I was doing pretty well with the cardigan too. Then I hit the "how did my yarn get so tangled?" place and my friends spent an hour untangling and I cut to start again ... Why is it easier to untangle someone else's yarn? Easier to clean someone else's kitchen? I don't know. Anyways, the cardigan was never horribly derailed so I thought I'd work on it at home, but ... I dropped a stitch and the more I tried to repair it the worse it seemed to get. Drat. I will consult HM today. It's just odd I've fixed this kind of stitch before, but I can't recall how to do it correctly, I thought for sure muscle memory would wake up after a few tries. Alas. Back to the blanket.

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