Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hobby Whoring ...

I am a bad person. I think all 3 of you know this, since all 3 of you know actually know me.

I'm not talking about my acid words from my bitter tongue. I am not talking about my tyrannical ways in raising my son. I am completely disregarding my task master methods of being a wife ...

I'm talking about my hobby whoring ways. I'm talking about my lack of focus and that I think  I left a pair of shoes under my knitting chair in the living room, bad, very bad, follow-through habits.

See I know a lot of those wonderful crafty bloggers, with their fancy photos and their well organized categories would call this next bullet list a "To Do List". Where me, it's more like a "Nice To Do" list. The worst part is these bloggers make me feel like, really between their 5 kids and the 2nd book they are publishing and the new recipes they are inventing ... if they can do it, bah! crap! I can do it too.

Alas this is not true.

End Bullet List Intro Here:

Make a ruffle skirt for me and my kid sister like this.

When visiting GreenClogs and perusing her blog, I thought, "yeah, yeah. I need to make Lemon Curd with Farmer's Market eggs too!"

When perusing knitting ideas. My sister's knitter stirred something within, that I thought would never happen. She put up a photo of "citrus striped socks" and I have to say ... I think I may want to make those too ... crap! Socks? Is nothing off limits anymore.

HM though she never updates her blogs has this cream scone recipe that seems doable. Though I am batting .500 for scones right now. Hockey puck or ugly lump. The ugly lump is usually edible though.

That's on top of my desire to make jamprints and rasberry sandwich cookies and a 3 Ps dinner (pork tenderloin, potatoes and peas).

Now I know that I have a lot of envy. It's not malicious envy so I'm okay with it. HM is the original hobby whore. The impressive thing is she actually gives her various hobbies a go. Terrariums, jamming/canning, embossing, guitar lessons, japanese lessons...

I just kind of daydream about it. So much daydreaming nothing is really getting done.

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