Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another List

I have thought of a lot of (what I would consider) witty things to say in the past few days. Not so much to impress, but more for the exercise of putting words into sense making expression. So the list is back to jump start my consistency again.

Reading: BFF lent me A Visit From the Goon Squad and even though I'm more of an escapist kind of reader and not as smart as her, I really enjoyed it. I was worried that it was going to be some "woe is me, I'm a victim character study", but it's not as simple as that. The way the stories of multiple characters are interwoven was truly interesting. The atmosphere is centered around "music culture", in the sense of wanting to be a part of the music industry, which is not necessarily a topic of interest for me, but the author had a style and voice I really appreciated. I liked being squeamish, uncomfortable and grossed out. I liked feeling angry at a character. I liked some of the personal reflection of my own youth that is now not so dangerously close, I can allow for gentle rewrites (ha!). Also the chapter using Power Point Slides was really fun. Seriously ... I don't even like Power Point Slides.

Family Stuff: Dudes, 16 candles all over again. Sis was turning 30 on Monday (such a baby! ) and on the fence about celebrating. So being the older and wiser sister I know better than to push someone into doing something they say they don't want. I have to try and remember family have FREE WILL. However I think they should just freely and willingly follow me. I couldn't resist completely and asked her gently again on Sunday morning if she wanted to come over and "hang out". This means eating and chatting and watching the t.v. at our house. We did with mini cupcakes, beer, thai food and of course a simple present. So we celebrated but mildly.

On Parenting: My mother is coming to stay with us for a few days next week. Why is it when she stays with me, I get all tense? I revert to bratty "I just want to hang out in my room. I just want to read ... alone" 15 year old Ellen. I get impatient. Is it simply because my space is small, and I like my space? When I visit her and The Colonel I revert to my sweet 12 year old self, reading/crafting on the couch, baking cookies and talking about crime shows on t.v.

On Parenting: The Kid was shaking the other morning because he was so cranky. Any attempts at soothing him are met with such impressive hostility; side eyed glares, various methods of harumphing or grunting. I just wish he would go back to making me coffee. I think he was discouraged when I implied his methods were rather messy when I mentioned there were coffee grinds all over the floor. (This does in fact render the coffee less delicious.)

Spousal Support: 9th Anniversary, of legally tolerating each other has come to pass. Though we've been co-dependent much longer than that, we both decided to celebrate by purchasing "Modern" anniversary presents. This year is Leather. Oh you dirty birds. We bought each other boots. How dorky right? yeah I know, but that is why we love each other. I got him practical work boots that hopefully will prevent him from slipping and he got me "more formal boots". This means they are not rain boots and are tall and not hookery, not trendy with lots of buckles or a Peter Panish slouch and most importantly sensible and mature enough to walk around the city in. They are taller than anything I've worn before (not heel height, but up to my knees).  Haha. Category decided: Nice Mom boots.

Knitting: Oh sweet Jesus. Will I ever knit anything with proper proportions? I think about it all day long. I must really love it if I produce so many wonky items and still want to keep going. I am inspired by so many people's works. One day I can make something pretty too! I can't go into it right now. The knitting is killing me. Maybe next week.

Domestica: ManFriend thinks they are going to close the restaurant during the Turkey Days, since Staff is revolting. 4 days off. That's going to be a lot of time together. I'm sure I can get him to help me clean out a closet eh?

Knitting ps: With all the wonkiness happening in my knitting I have lost my desire to try a first pair of socks. Sock knitters are tough people. I'm just not that tough. I think if I have to pick right now ... I'm going to continue trying to make less wonkified sweaters. I think the pressure of having to create matching socks might ruin me.

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