Friday, November 25, 2011

First there was a whole turkey and now there is only some.

The Manfriend's turkey was/is not just impressive but tasty. I admit, my eyeballs sort of bugged out when he brought home all eighteen pounds of it. I made some serious magic in the fridge to accommodate it's behemoth size.

Brined by The Chonicle technique, not stuffed. (He made classical stuffing two ways: 1- with apples and 1 - without apples. Creamy mashed potatoes, (so glad he took my "more butter" advice), and there were sauteed green beans and roasted asparagus.

There was also some wine involved that involved yesterday being a bit of a tired haze. However I went out and about, had my meeting at the bank wore my new boots downtown on black Friday and had lunch with The Kid and The Nephew and the parents. They found a new lunch shop in Chinatown. I had soup with chicken and leek dumplings. I want to try the Bun Bo Hue, which is the El Dorado of eating soup out for me. So hard to find a good one, which makes me so tentative to order it. I saw my sister order "the wrong soup" and her food envy. Very sad business.

Yesterday I got hungry again around 4pm. So we took the little boys to Super Duper where my little country mouse nephew was chatty. (Look at the people! Is this the MUNI?) They were happy for a snack for fries. Little one ate half a mini burger and ""saved the rest for later".

Yet somehow, 2 hrs later when we had reheated "The Day After Thanksgiving", I still managed to put another plate down my gullet. ha!

Half the family stayed in the living room with me while I weaved in those annoying ends on the baby blanket and worked on my sweater. The other half played a relentless game of 5 card draw poker in the kitchen table. I think the little one still requires a little family assistance, but seeing how he's just turned 5, we'll cut him some slack.

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