Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Spoiled Brat.

I really need to manage my whining. When I get myself in a pickle it's usually my own fault! I figure I have to remind myself of the things that make me happy right?

When I was looking forward to this week, I was really excited. I was anticipating a lot of happy things.

The ability to pick up my kid early from school and hang out. I could walk down to coffee with the Manfriend without rushing, I could go to the dentist without rushing. I would see my mother and hang out in the kitchen and the livingroom chatting and crafting. We'd have a simple family Thanksgiving, with smiles. I'd have a little extra time to spend with my family and take care of items in the house long over due.

Well, the good things have come but not without price and consequence.

Friday I stayed a little bit later, but work items were still not where they should've been. I said I have the option of doing some work from home, knowing how difficult that could be. Definitely a contributing factor to not sleeping well.

I did the 5k run/walk for The SF Foodbank. It was smaller than I expected and it was raining as predicted, but it REALLY rained. My ipod was runninng out of batteries and I was on sensory overload anyways, with the rain and the body heat, and the road.  At one point I took off my rain shell and tied it around my waist until after the race and put it back on. Before and after I checked my pockets which contained my license, public transportation card, and my bank card (still unsure why I took that in the first place). The boys were going to pick me up, but I was making better time than them, and already near the N Judah and opted to meet them at home. I pulled out my "cards" for the public transportation card and got on MUNI.

I beat the boys home and peeled off my clothes and hung them in the bathroom to get into the hot shower. My arms were red from the rain still. I spent the rest of the day at home. (In retrospect I should've been icing my knees -- when did I get my mother's old lady issues?) So I didn't think about my pocket gear much. I remember taking my ipod out and putting it on the kitchen counter b/c I didn't want to leave it in the bathroom. I made wet footprints down the hallway.

We took The Kid to school together and then I realized I didn't have my license and bank card in the jacket pockets. I thought, hmm. I must've pulled them out. But when I got back and ransacked the appropriate clothing and areas, I began to panic.

Self loathing set in, since obviously this is my sloppy fault.

Well at least I didn't have to rush to the dentist that morning! I had to wait a little bit to do the impressions for my retainer. I used the time I had to pick up some lunch for my lovely ManFriend who was trying to Mom-proof the house. She's not very high maintenance, but we like to at least put a little effort into it. I also managed to pick up a few gifts, I had been meaning to get to.

Sister picks up mother bird and delivers her to the house. She does not stay because little nephew is being a brat and she has plans later that evening. The rest of the day is pretty relaxing. Cooking and crafting.

I think that first day off, together set the tone of, "We're going to have a good time together people ... but we're still gonna have to work at it."

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