Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Tired Ladies Craft Together

At the end of my mother's first evening with us, she pulls out this squishy fuzzy yarn. It looks like terry clothe boucle. She tells me that people think it's really cool in Thailand. I'm like, "who is knitting thick yarn in Thailand" (apparently my cousin N)

I work on a crochet border for the baby blanket, trying to ignore the wonk. I finally put it down when I cannot remember if I have already done round 2 or not. (As I told Little Snoopy, can't let it turn into a rug.) And I went to bed.

Moms has been struggling with the sleep regulation I think between Thailand and her wild ways in Vegas with her BFF. So she gets up in the middle of the night and reads some People and works her scarf.

The next morning she waves it around in irritation. It's like suddenly she's lost gauge, or she picked it up with larger hook. Maybe she was off on her stitch count? It definitely has it's wonk factor.

That evening she can't take it. She rips it out and starts again, only to discover the same problem. It turns out that's just how the yarn was made. Thick in some spots (say 4 inches) and then thin in another. She just wants a button now. She said she's moving to Kansas, she needs a pink scarf and no-one will know.

I on the otherhand, can't even look at the baby blanket. I still haven't blocked anything. I still need to finish my sweater body for Mothed. (so close!). But since none of these items are very portable ... I cast on a pair of alpaca armwarmers for my long wait at the DMV.

I was knitting on the armwarmers last night when my sister started sneezing. I think she's allergic to alpaca -- which she asked, "is that the south american sheep?" um no ... It's alpaca. "Yeah the sheep that they make yarn out of down there." um no ... It's not a sheep, it's an alpaca, that's why they call them alpaca. "Hmm, but it looks like a sheep?" No, really not at all.

We still love each other.

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