Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something is about to slip through the cracks

For various reasons, my focus is again shifting more than a 3 year old waiting to pee.

One reason could be my pure enjoyment of knitting Paper Moon. I'm using that Madelinetosh Vintage in Fathom, which if I'm correct the proper knitting term is "Squooshy" vibrant goodness. I was so in love I admit than rather get to work early and get a jump on the day I sat on the edge of my bed and knit two rows of the band. I'm aiming to get half way through the hat body tonight.

The baby is here, the blanket is languishing. I'm horrible I know. Hats before babies. Madelinetosh before babies.

Speaking of babies, I see a battle royale brewing between The Kid & The Manfriend. It's that stormy smell you get when you wake up early in the morning and know ... it's going to rain on the way to work (and are ill outfitted for this.) They both are teasing too much, and posturing in their demands and humour. Tears will be shed, fists will be shaken, 'ere the sulking side eye glances in my flat.

Everyone should just do as I say. In fact they should anticipate what I might do and say regardless of my usual erratic and indecisive behavior. For the most part they do that. But this behavior is again throwing me off.

There are children's social schedules to plan, spelling tests to prep for, dinner parties to block out and work potlucks to bake for. There are forlorn sister's birthdays and anniversary presents and Holiday presents and ugh ... holiday cards to procure. There are unicorns that need wrapping (seriously this is what Princess M. asked for her birthday this year) and visiting parents that need to be properly welcomed (and cleaned for).

Oh and there is a kitchen window that needs fixing.

They called The Manfriend and said, "We need access to the apartment." He said, "I'll ask my wife if she can come home from the office."

I said, "No, tell them to come by btwn 10am and Noon on Friday."

1) I can't just bail on work. 2) They obviously lost our keys ... again.

So what does someone who is not very organized do when she can see the cracks just up ahead? She knits. Oh and makes LOTS of lists to be left all over the place.

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