Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Turkey Day Sadface

Today is Saturday and we have a kick about with the other soccer families and then I think it's back to the eating agenda.

I will admit I am already sad about the impending doom of Monday ...

I will hold it at bay for the joys of today and tomorrow.

I will also need to reanalyze my Christmas Stategy.

I had this brilliant idea to buy myself something I wanted (within reason) and put it under the tree to unwrap on Christmas morning. The Manfriend and I like to have a gift each, but sometimes one or more items to break up the rotation of our only child unwrapping his presents. I ordered this thinking I was brilliant. I was so happy putting the order in I tell you. Anyways Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the husband comes home with a bunch of groceries to prep from Berkeley Bowl West. It seems like we are on top of this Thanksgiving thing but his face is sour.

He had a bad day at work.

And then he says, "I think someone stole our packages."

The packages arrive during the day at work, and he throws them into the trunk of the car. I feel bad that I have them shipped to him where they usually arrive during the lunch rush, but on the other hand, I am not allowed to have things shipped at the office.

Well he says he is pretty sure they were in there when he went to the grocery store a few blocks from his work, but he didn't notice them being there when he put the groceries in.

He said there were two packages.Such a sadface to wear during the beginning of the holidays. So hard to hold back the bile and the anger. But what can be done?

I hope someone really likes Debbie Bliss Paloma.

I hope that someone cannot fit into size M underwear for men or M for little boys. I hope they get a good price for the size 7 shoes -- they were almost 50% off anyways.

I will replace the boys things. I will replace my yarn. I will not allow theft to taint my love. However, I am fortunate to be able to "replace" so easily. The shoes, were whimsy. I will let them go and not be too greedy.

Here's to beginning the holidays with an understanding it should be enjoyed, but nothing is guaranteed, even when you're trying.

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