Thursday, November 3, 2011

Damn I'm Boring

I won't lie to you. I've been trying to post. But I'm glazing myself over.

I had big dreams of a knitting progress post with pictures and the whole thing. But we all know what happens when I try for original photos ha!

I was going to talk about the weather (rolling my own eyeballs I know) and how it was sort of inspiring me to try and cook and bake again. Seriously how boring is that? You wanna know how my sinuses are doing with the drizzly weather as well? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Well we just wrapped up a totally chaotic Halloween weekend. Lots of fun and family and elementary children. But I've recapped this for enough friends, family and co-workers that I'm thinking I am borderline parroting now.

I don't like to reference work too much unless it's socially awkward behavior which I think can be related to no matter if you work at home in your jammies or if you are a coffee house barista with customers of a very particular foam ratio / consistency preference. I got nothin'.

I thought that maybe I'd try and make some witty parenting commentary. I can't, mainly because there is no need to complain extra about the kid right now. He's doing pretty good, and even I know when I need to enjoy and be thankful.  --Though I could go on about how much his teeth are going to cost me and how the school is calling us to pick him up for sneezing allergy attacks... nah. Total snoozeville right?

I think I have been contemplating writing celebrity commentary more than anything. Simply because it is the best case of gawking we can share together. Kim Kardashian single-handedly is destroying the sanctity of marriage with her fame-whoring family. Oh I'm sorry they are just "uniquely open". ugh. Taste that? It's bile. Lindsey Lohan? I have to refrain from telling HM I actually feel kind of sorry for her, that all that potential has just been obliterated by completely entitled, self absorbed, hooker with a heart of gold behavior -- oh and the whackjob parents that let this happen. I feel sorry for them all, because their way of life is going to end very soon, as this girl is never going to be able to work enough to support them all again.

But see this just proves how boring I am. I'm reading the DailyMail and learning about UK tabloid fodder as well. Sheesh Christmas, have you read those headlines? I love how they pick out the WORST of the worst in US News. We're all going to hell in a hand basket based on the items they find. They have one headline for the UK that says a poll says adults think that UK children are becoming more feral or something. Seriously?

This made me feel like I needed to overcompensate and talk some "Occupy - fill in the name of the town here" crap. But I can't... it's just too much. I can tell you that the problems in the Wild West of Oakland are more inherent and systemic than what's being reported on now. Norma Jean my dds receptionist and I managed to solve the problem ;) though while waiting for the DDS to finish with an emergency appointment.

Well I've managed to bore the both of us. Sorry about that. However I cannot emphasize enough (I sound like a politician or teaching administrator) how boring does not mean unhappy. I'm happy. I am not cartwheeling through a field of sunflowers but you know, it's good. I wish more good to people than my cranky drivel shows.

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