Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Next

I tell you, I'm trying to haul ass at work simply so I don't have one more thing to feel guilty or anxious about. I'm not talking about perfectionist behavior, but a decent attention to detail and respect for timelines you know?

Also, worrying gets in the way of other fun things. I'm reading The Night Circus. I bought The Lord of Light and if it's any good I'll lend it to Harrigan if he's interested. He gave me this Sci-Fi recommendation. It's the least I can do.

I finished Baby Sophisticate on the US 9s with Ella Rae Classic Chunky - size small. Hmm. still smaller than I'd like. And no, it's not blocked and I don't have pictures. But YES it is "finished". I should've done the larger size just to be safe. sigh.

And I should pick up a grown person's sweater. However I'm feeling something else small. Maybe this hat? Seems so 20's and fun. Dunno, I have something else in mind as well ...

We are going to celebrate Lindita's birthday. I sense a very tasty HM meal on the horizon. I'll see if I can give you a recap later.

I am going to wait for the building manager to fix my kitchen's broken window. It was broken when they were "fixing" our electricity, which somehow was just adding in outlets in the kitchen -- right where the kitchen table is. How ... convenient...

Dear friends, I can say I'm living in a flat with a boarded up window. Oh Moms, I wish you could see us now.

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