Friday, September 13, 2013

Adventures in Miscommunication: It's Me, Not You, and It doesn't mean what you think I mean.

This is like one of my son's homework reviews, where I say, "Did you read what you wrote? Who is your audience? If you take yourself outside of your own experience, will you understand what you said?"

So my last post, I talked about my elementary school book distraction, and how I'm up to my armpits in books. What I failed to explain is that I'm working on this Classroom Leveling Library project at my son's school. Essentially, I am trying to coordinate volunteers to go through every single book in every single classroom, look them up in online databases and give them an Alphabet level and a genre according to Fountas and Pinnell standards. All books are given sticker labels and all book titles, author, #of copies are inventoried in an online spreadsheet for tracking purposes.

This is my last year at the elementary school, and I'd love to see future classes benefit from this teaching methodology that the teachers are so excited about and just beginning to implement. This year, is laying down the infrastructure. That's me!

I'm not alone, but it's a lot of work, and it's a lot of books. I try to encourage people to come into the school and work, but for many of us, it's easier to take a bag home due to our schedules. It is a long tedious process. Something like knitting a bed spread.

So I apologize that I made it sound like I was reading a lot. I wish I was, in fact I did order another Flavia de Luce mystery. But really, I just want to find some time to knit.

What are you hoping to find time to do? What do you wish you expressed better?


  1. What a wonderful project - I hope it goes smoothly for you.

  2. It's awesome how you're taking this on. This is a big undertaking but in the long run, a tremendous benefit to the school. You go.

  3. We did this same thing when my boys were in elementary school, you are such a blessing to take on this project.
    hugs and hope you get some time to knit.

  4. Hmm I'm impressed with your volunteer spirit. I think volunteering speaks volumes to our growing kids. It COMMUNICATES to them that they need to be involved in things that are bigger than they are. THey need to give back to their communities.

    I found time to write a bit these past weeks. I hope to find more time to organize and query a bit.

  5. I hope this gigantic project goes well. I know it is difficult to find volunteers. I'm glad you are able to do this.

  6. that big project sounds like it will help so many in the future! Last year of elementary? sounds like fun and you have more fun in your future :)