Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Weekend Rush

The weekend has got off to a positively busy start.

Friday we were trying to get out of work on time for another overdue meeting of the "Not So Secret Knitter Dinner".

Alas, we lost one to dog sitting responsibilities (Daquiet is a very responsible animal lover.)

But then it was instant chatter, teasing and fun times. We went to Radius Café which we will work into the rotation. I ate a little too much of the macaroni and cheese with bacon (hangs head). We shared everything as usual and took a snap.

The next morning I woke to the alarm at 7:20. The Kid was not being picked up until 9am and I didn't have to be at the school until 10. But though there were things to do, I wanted to not rush. I wanted to drink a whole cup of coffee, cook some sausages, and do the dishes I had left out the night before (shh don't tell my mom). Mrs. B. and I worked most of the day at the school with MM, and the 2 of us continued into the early evening at her house on a volunteer project. I couldn't resist at home and worked between 10 - midnight a bit more. I think I caught the end of the Les Miserables movie. Hmm, it seemed, pitchy, shallow sounding. Not as much singing resonance as I would expect? Meh.

Sunday we went to the USF Dons men's soccer match, ran a few errands and had a tasty and fun dinner at a friend's house with two other families. It was a city indoor version of a Labor Day Weekend BBQ. I suppose.

2 days down and what about all the ... stuff! The projects, the knitting, the laundry I had been planning? Time to overcompensate!

Well, we went to a matinee and out to West Lake Joe's for lunch. We forced the child to go grocery shopping with us, and then rewarded his brattiness (am I the only mother who does this when she shouldn't) by letting him play with his pal. They went to go look at the smaller boats for the America's Cup while I experimented in the kitchen.

We watched The Pioneer Woman in a family bed morning and The Kid said we should take a crack at her Chicken and Noodles recipe. So we did. Or I did, and he played video games with his pal.

I wanted to bake something non chocolate, so I did the old snickerdoodle bar. 

But I put too much flour in it this time. It was dry/sandy to my horror, after already packing some up to the neighbors in the flat next door and Little Peach's family. ugh.

My mixed fruit (clear the fridge) pie attempt, even though the dough wasn't from scratch... the filling was slightly more successful. However the texture/cooking method/time on the dough needed work, pointed out by my Manfriend. sigh. No picture of that, because it was a hot mess. I attempted hand pies, but it was messy and angry, so I cut around the scraps to attempt a lattice.

Well, when all was done, I was exhausted (yes I do this to myself!). I did not pick up anymore of the school project. I had a glass of wine with an episode of Luther. Then, I had another glass of wine, and ripped out my sock, and tried again. For some reason I was having trouble casting on for the number 56. By the end of my second episode of Luther it was midnight and I was only 7 rows in. How'd that happen?

One would think that this is where my long weekend ends, but alas, my son woke up at 3am with another migraine. We were up until 4:30, but no puking this time. (I blame bad parenting, not enough fluids and too much sugar, and we have not been monitoring his dairy intake very well.) We all overslept this morning because I still had the weekend alarm on ... but he was singing, off-key so all is normal.

I hope your hopes and dreams of the weekend were fulfilled and you had lots of fun, whether you were rushing or relaxing:)


  1. Replies
    1. It was a pleaser, and it makes a lot. So it keeps on giving. I might modify it to make it more soupy next time, based on my family's preference. But I am pleased.:)

  2. Wow-wee! What a great weekend you had. I'm totally intrigued about your knitting group! Do you meet up weekly in the evenings?
    Sorry your son had a migraine :O(. So young. Is he allergic to dairy? I love how you experimented in the kitchen! My eldest is dying to make pie. We were gifted a Breville small pie maker. Dunno where I put that box tho.

    1. The work group tries to meet in the evenings for dinner every now and again. We used to meet weekly to knit, but work has gotten really crazy and some of us have been reassigned within the agency. So ... it depends. Lately we are averaging twice a month.

      The pediatrician actually wants us to ensure he is getting more dairy in his daily nutrition to help prevent the migraines. (I am not sure why/how this works.)

      Make pie! Make happy in the kitchen with your lovely girls!

  3. we had chicken & noodles for dinner tonight~ did you like pw's recipe? sorry to hear about the kids migraines~ my daughter had them as a child but has not had a problem as a adult~ on the knitting front, i've redone a buttonband four times!!!!!

    have a great week!


    1. I do like pw's recipe. But I have not tried another one that is stew-ish. My family seems to lean more towards soupy, but as long as they eat happily, I'm pleased. Makes me happy to know that this doesn't have to be a life struggle for him. I'm complete crap at buttonbands, I completely sympathize!