Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Long Weekend Winner(s)

As promised, I am posting The Long Weekend Winner today for a token of my happiness and affection for all the kindness of the interweb.

Our winner #9 is Knit & Purl Mama! She gets the Knitscene Accessories magazine and a set of ringlet stitch markers! K&PM I will email you today for your mailing address and chuck it off to you this week! Thanks for visiting!

From Amazon.com/Paradisefibers.com
But perhaps it's the red ribbon winner in me, (There was one girl in particular I could never seem to beat on my local swim team as a kid) but I feel the need for one more token! So #4 SapphireBlue from Work, Knit, Study, gets a sweet set of rubbery Herdy sheep head stitch markers as well. I hope they make for some good knitting times!

Thanks to everyone who pops in and leaves a comment or not. I hope the weekend was good to you and yours.


  1. awesome winners and awesome prizes

  2. Cute key ring. I think I have one...

  3. YEY! I can't wait to get something in the mail that's not bills! Thanks for the giveaway!