Friday, September 27, 2013

Back to Knitting

Thank you everyone for your kind, kind words and wishes for my health. I laid off the Zumba yesterday and stayed home for dinner with a bunch of tween boys having a nerf battle (!!!)

I am taking your advice and even as I feel much better,  I am not pushing myself too hard, so I don't relapse. I saw the kid sneezing, again this morning ...

We are at the edge of September and I have a few finished object photos for you:

Remember this lace shawl? I finished the knitting a while ago, but I finally blocked it (hot spam I didn't think that would happen!) You guys weren't kidding when you said it would grow when I soaked it.

The Entrechat! (only one button, so I knew this one would get done, no hot spam or damn for anyone). Super cute and fun construction.

I have progress on my sock!! I was this far when I ripped it out, almost to the toe, I feel good about this. I do. It looks so much better than the first time around.

I'm hoping to shape the toe and finish off this sock tonight! Then we can see if my proportions worked out.

Happy Friday my friends.


  1. Look at how much you are getting done while you are feeling so sick. Everything is looking fabulous, now rest.

  2. The shawl is lovely - and I think have to go take a second look at that Entrechat pattern!

  3. Lovely projects - the fun, striped sock is my favorite, but then I am crazy about socks!

    Glad you are on the mend. Continue to get the rest your body needs to heal itself.

  4. YOu are feeling better! Shawl...amazing
    Green little so cute go girl. Im about to do my first Russian join

  5. Dang, girl! You're kickin' butt on these projects!

  6. wow, pretty lace! i like the use of multiple colors.

  7. love the lace shawl!! So pretty and the colors are beautiful :)

  8. Beautiful finished objects! That lace shawl!! What a great pattern and color combo.

    Stripey socks are the best!!