Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reading Recap: The Kid's Version

This summer I proposed "read new books" and "read outside your usual genre" to my son, also known as read something Mom told you to. Shown are most of the books he read, not including some that have walked off and any "new" graphic novels. Graphic novels were treats for books completed.

I asked him for a summer recap, forgive the monosyllabic style of interview:

Me: So what were you thinking when I told you I would be assigning you books that you had to read, aside from what you wanted to read?

The Kid: bummed that I would have to read stuff I didn't want to.

Me: What was your favorite, or favorites?

The Kid: The Artemis Fowl books and Hatchet by Gary Paulson.

Me: Why?

The Kid: What?!? Because they were Cool and interesting.

Me: What book surprised you the most and why?

The Kid: The Giver, the ending, it's weird.   (Dad: as weird as you? The Kid: weirder than you, dad)

Me: Was there any book you would absolutely NOT recommend?

The Kid: no

Me: So is there a new genre or kind of book you would now like to try?

The Kid: um I don't know.


  1. My daughter has a tendency to read some books over and over. I've made some recommendations. That also doesn't go over very well.

  2. LOL. Standard kid responses. That is cool how you got him to try new ones. What does he usually read? Graphic novels? Artemis Fowl rocks. I had read up to #4 a long time ago. I borrowed the audio CDs but in a few places they were scratched.

    My oldest would pick easy books sometimes and of course I would go all a twitter. But a mum's blog that I read sometimes who had reacted that way one time shared how she finally let it go b/c what was important was that her son was reading.

    I love kids books. When were killing time at the Ferry Bldg bookstore, I saw some titles that looked good. One series was about farting and they were thick chapter books.

  3. My Zachary LOVED Artemis Fowl. I'll have to think of a few books he loved back then and pass the titles along to yOU!!

  4. Sounds like the books were a hit - congratulations!

    I hope the Fall Swap envelope arrived on Saturday as expected.

    1. I think so, he seemed to enjoy the process, even if it wasn't something he was naturally drawn to.

      Kathy told me to expect it Saturday. My husband said it will probably come today. He's not at work today, so tomorrow latest. I will email you for sure when I get it, so you know! Thanks for coming by!

  5. i just noticed 3 Artemis Fowl books on my daughters shelf Do you know there is more than one???