Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sick Days

I succumbed to the cold I nurtured my Petri Dish son to health from.

I came home from work on Monday at lunch. That morning, I thought, "I'm okay, I just need to get going." But in fact, I began to feel worse, my congestion instead of being relieved was worse. My ears hurt, the pressure was making my left eye water and I was dangerously close to honking my nose like an angry mom-goose. I went home, and tried to leave my co-workers with a few less germs.

Once I got over the denial, I gave into the calls of my couch. I stayed there, trying to nap, but my headache was just too bad, my nose and throat too angry, so I watched t.v.

My husband got Kon Tiki from Netflix. I really enjoyed it and have been pushing it on all my friends and coworkers (now it's your turn internet!) In fact I enjoyed it so much, I made The Kid watch it after homework time yesterday. He thought it was pretty good too. :) I now plan on reading the book. My husband wants to watch the actual documentary that was made during this epic adventure, it won the 1951 Academy Award.

I stayed home yesterday too, still not a complete wreck, but I lost my voice (much to the chagrin of my family) and really, I wanted to get better, not worse and not be the martyr that is chockful of cooties at the office.

So I thought, hey I'm going to be home resting, I should do ... stuff at the very least a load of laundry and some knitting.

But I really didn't have any energy for non supine couch things  until the afternoon. And then I thought, perhaps I should feed the family. I think because I hadn't really slept more than an hour or two at a time the 3 nights prior, I was just exhausted.

The knit will come.  But right now, I need some tea.


  1. Your body needs and wants to rest, so continue to give it what it wants. Feel better soon.

  2. Bless your heart, take care of yourself and let your family feed you.

  3. Yes, drink lots of tea and broth. Hope you are feeling better very soon!

  4. feel better soon, drink lots of tea and rest. You will get your voice back soon enough and the knitting will always be there.

  5. WEll that sounds like a horrid week. GLad it over and you are on the mend. I think its good to give in to the couch, My mom always said, "If you don't slow down God will knock you down"

  6. I'm sorry Mama you're ill. I am feeling ya as I'm on that boat too. Pamper yourself because the ohana doesn't run well when mum is sick. Hug.

  7. Being sick sucks! I hope you are feeling better.