Thursday, September 12, 2013

There is yarn in my life.

Old photo, but it makes me happy. I miss you yarn. I like you cheese.

There is yarn in my life, but really, there are a lot of books.

Not like reading books, but school books. Not for my learning, but for elementary school kid's. It's an on-going project, and though I keep telling myself, realistically Ellen, this won't be done until the end of the school year...

I can't stop. I keep bringing home books. I keep searching, labeling and sticking and hauling on the MUNI bus and trains (okay, sometimes I get a ride up and down the hill from Mrs. B). My husband silently holds out pieces of scotch tape for me to reinforce alphabet labels on the spines. My son, shakes his head when sometimes he doesn't even bother asking for the bed time tuck-in. What used to be, "Just let me finish this row." is now, "Just let me finish this book."

I try to cut myself off between 9:30 and 10pm to allow myself a little knitting time. Sometimes this is just 30 minutes of knitting in the round.

Reknitting a sock is just not that exciting, but I'm glad for that. Tube knitting, it's really just meditation in disguise. Though, I honestly am nervous for when I have to turn the heel. PLEEASE let me have the right number of stitches to pick up this time.

I received two lovely balls of sock yarn in Kathy B's fall swap. I love the colors in sock yarn. Thanks to one of my swap partners Nancy, I also discovered her Wyoming Breezes blog. I really enjoyed the nostalgic feel and the swatches of knitting. I love the idea of doing a blanket with mixed yarns of a tonal theme. It seems Nancy is a huge charity knitter. I have definitely slacked on this. Maybe after the school project I will return to charity knitting ...

I finished the knitting AND the weaving of another Baby Sophisticate. However I need to slap some buttons on this thing. I was whining to the ladies at Princess Animal/Serendipity about it when I picked up some beautiful sweet georgia sock yarn for the swap, and they basically craft smacked me and said, "You just need to block out the time, sit down and do it."

So true.

So obviously that means I won't even look at it again till the weekend. Baby is due in October. I got time. (infamous last words).


  1. Have you tried the Junie B Jones books? Or The Magic Tree House series? My boys loved both of those when they were young. Junie B makes me laugh. One of the little patients I work with is a beginning reader and has been reading me a bit of Junie B, I always start laughing at the story, she doesn't get it as much as she is just reading and not quite understanding the whole thing.

    Thank you so much for visiting me, I sure hope you will return, and glad you got lovely yarn from the Kathy B swap, she is wonderful,


  2. Glad you liked the sock yarn from the Fall Swap - if I'd know about your blog, I could have scouted the colors you use frequently and sent some of them.

    Time is all any of us have: the trick is using every bit of it on someone/something we love.

  3. Are you checking out books from SFPL? I understand your addiction. Kid books rock. I could plunker down in that section and read away.

  4. I love your yarn photo with the cheese, always good paired together :)

  5. Tube knitting is Meditation in Disguise!!! THat's a perfect sentence for knitters.
    Being Craft smacked is so funny!!!!!!
    I'm knitting like a fiend as always but I am sneaking some reading in too. I have been off for a few weeks due to low gives me more time!

  6. id love you to send me an image of the sock yarn Nancy sent yoU!

  7. Kid books hold such great memories. I just love them.