Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In the knit of it.

Knitcrastinator, Knit fiend and Knit obsessed.

Every project for me is so close and yet ... so far.

I am wrapping up a few pieces for Andi's KAL/CAL. There are these things called buttons that I keep putting off, putting aside, shoving in a ziplock bag under the bed ... that need to be sewn on.

I finished the Baby Sophisticate, even weaved in the ends except ... I didn't sew on the buttons.

I'm about 2/3s done with my Hitchhiker. I'm trying to still love it since it requires no button. I like it with the sidewalk chalk teeth, but really? I want it to be done by the end of the month.

That leaves me with 2 other items for the KAL/CAL. I really want to finish my first pair of socks. At the very least, I need to complete ONE sock, for personal validation reasons. I am more comfortable with the little needles. But to finish even one sock means, there is a good chance that  the Lacey Stole will go back into hibernation, again.

But I did  finish (sans the ONE button) that secondary shrug Entrechat. (will post photo later) This project was not part of the KAL/CAL, but sometimes, I stray from the goal line like that. I know, I get crazy! And I have to say, I really enjoyed this pattern. Fun, cute, and interesting construction, just like it was pitched on the KAL/CAL favorite pattern message board (great discussion topic Andi!). I recommend no cocktails when you go to fold and join the sleeves. I might get all Andi and Kepanie crazy and try to modify this thing and make it with long sleeves. Yeah, okay probably not...

Because I must now turn my attention to hats/beanies. Knitspiring Odyssey has a knit along, goin' on too.
 Beanie-a-Long with Me 001 (640x303)
I know I can get some instant gratification from some hats, at least more sooner gratification than say another shawl.

I'm still in love with the Autumn Whirlpool Hat, so I printed it out and everything. Then I saw Andi's post on the Knit Along featuring her WIP Cocoon, which looks so lovely and wooing in her picture. So now I just need to decide which I cast on this week, as a reward for sewing on buttons. (This is a form of self motivation that may or may not work)

I also think this whole "Fear and Loathing of Buttons" or maybe just "Irrational Feelings About Me and Buttons" phase has brought on a change of sweater pattern scenery for me. Usually, I cling to the cardigan, like the adult cubicle security blanket it is. But no, let the crazy out. I want a pullover! I want stripes! I want to get the Madtosh out! I want "Tea with Jam and Bread"!

How are you doing with your knits? Are you knitting along? on your own? Are you feeling crazy with your Wednesday or your knitting or your knitting on Wednesday?


  1. I hope you finish the shawl so you can call it done and wear it proud! Love the shrug you are knitting, too cute!!

  2. Dang, girlfriend! You got a lot goin' on! I can envision you smiling while laughing while talking about these WIPs.
    Mahalo nui loa for mentioning my BALWM! XXX. That hat pattern - terrific.

  3. Maybe you need a Button Bee party. Kind of like the old time quilt bees. You could make food to bribe your friends to sew on your buttons for you! I'd do it if I were nearby. I have a long love of buttons...of any kinds really.

    Knitting progresses for me, but never fast enough. And after my monster knitting hurt my thumb (you'd think I'd learn patience there) I haven't been able to give Harold his last arm. Hopefully this weekend...

  4. Button sewing and seaming are two tasks I dread - knitting the project is fun, but the rest, not so much.

    I have several projects in hibernation: stranded baby blanket, two pairs of socks, baby sweater, a scarf, and a shawlette.

  5. ENtrechat is soooo cute. I may just have to make one. I am buttonphobic Ellen. I fear them falling off after I gift the item. I don't even attempt them..I give them to friend Karen

  6. Wow you are moving right along on your projects. I am a cardigan clinger myself, love them and love to make them although I seem to have lost all ability to follow a knitting pattern recently, good luck.

  7. A whole lot of love going on here, Ellen. I am with you and my knitting is crazy and all over the place.