Friday, April 2, 2010


It's still morning and The Kid is parked in front of Cartoon Network. I can smell the braincells frying along w/Mom's garlic.


We went for a morning walk again along the water. Mom hurried home to start second breakfast because my Hobbit child claimed that his cereal wasn't really breakfast but more of a "breakfast snack." bless him and his little protruding back ribs.

The Kid swung on the swings while I did Mary Lou Retton laps on the perimeter of the playground framing. Surprisingly harder to do in your 30s than in your ... well everything else that came before it.

Visiting Hawaii this trip has made me feel a little old. Tropical vacations do that to you, worried about too much sun, burning in places and ways you never did before, getting winded running back in flip flops from the water because Kid must pee ... NOW and we can't pee on the trees here, we're on base. On base they have "best yard" awards and stuff.

The main thing though is rest. It has been much harder for me to rejuvenate in terms of feeling ... rested in the morning. I have never been much for mornings. But I notice I still feel like I could go to bed earlier, wake up later. But there is always one more thing I want to do before I go to bed, or something I really should start instead of staying in bed.

Not to mention my roommate aka Mary Poppins Sunshine Barbie wakes me up every morning asking me "what do you want to do? can I eat something? are you ready?"


Part of me wants a pat on the back for being a light packer. Because even though I'm bringing home more stuff, which I anticipated, I have room. There were only two pieces of clothing we didn't wear. And we'd be fine if my parents didn't spoil grandson #1 with half the Lego store stock. We argued to ship back, but instead they are being pulled out of their boxes and he will carry it in a plastic bag. And, I may actually check my duffle ... I wish I would've packed my extra black duffle.

Well next holiday I will be a little better prepared. I can't wait for the next one.

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