Friday, April 30, 2010

Sad Poem of the Crazy Lady

Today though an item was missing I wasn't worried.
On my way to work,
I hurried.
Incomplete but sure I was
My communication device upon desktop would buzz.

Alas! No! Woe is me, it is gone.
Once again my scattered brain has proven me wrong.

Sigh, Sniffle
Grunt and Snort.
My memory may not even qualify as short.

To cope, I pace and mutter and woe
To all those down the brightly lit row.
Again I test their patience at my outburst,
When it is only I to blame for what could be the worst.

Stop and think they say
To the petulant child,
Where last did you see it?
Can you remember?

I smiled.

For midday meal
I did delay,
Instead to run home and look where I prayed ...

Tis true! So happy!
The crazy lady alone dance!
For a moment I had some resemblance

Of normal.

After fussing, with what is the home,
I start tidying up, encouraged by my earlier find,
Hoping I'll find what also is mine.

I left home late returning to work.
Reminded again that I am a huge jerk.

The camera remains lost.

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