Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lists of Stuff

I like to live my life in a constant state of contradiction, I like to look at pretty things even if I can't really manage to pretty anything myself. But I want you to see my plans.

1) Gonna make this, this summer at my MIL's (mother-in-law to the non-abbreivated friendly) house on one of her Sunday Lunches. Oooo Pretty, oooo tasty, oooo ...

too pretty no?

2) Gonna buy this. I was worried about it's modern look, all vertebrae and metallic etc. However HM made a great point and that is that once filled, it'll just be books and it will go anywhere with anything. LOVE the example of it being a towel rack. Damn that's smart.

3) Gonna try and paint my hallway to look like this color - ish. No wall paper. But I like yellow. And we need to jazz it up (I sound like a granny, let it go friends and fans, let it go.)

4) Gonna purge the house of stuff like, unused clothing, extra WHY IS MY HUSBAND SAVING YOU boxes, barely used possibly VERY loved toys and stuffed dusty animals, oddly shaped dishes that just keep returning to the kitchen.

5) Gonna replace my husband's end table that is currently an old CPU cabinet, with something that is actually agreeable to him as well as me, because I'm generous like that.

6) REALLY, for SERIOUS I'm going to get my beloved chair reupholstered. I will. I will, for reals.

7) And it stops with this, b/c 7 becomes some kind of Cosmo Cover Copy, "7 ways to improve your life this summer!" Okay back to it ... BUY THIS SOFA and TOUCH LOTS OF YARN, SCOTCH GUARD IT FROM THE FREAKISH MESSY MINIONS that I love and derive their messiness from me, but STILL GUARD IT! MUST PRESERVE things.

These things simply must be done, because The Kid, is not a Kid anymore, I can't play that "baby" card. And I'm always frakkin' busy, so, I can't play that card either. Also, these are things that really aren't that ambitious because ask any friend that is really a friend, I've been listing these puppies off for like 3 years. With the exception of the snazzy bookshelf.

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