Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer Lovin' Shoppin' so Fast ...

We had a crazy bout of warm this weekend. In fact we've had some crazy weather in general. Rain for a few days, and sunny and warm like a summer special just a few days after. April has been hit or miss. It feels like Spring normally is in other parts of the world, not necessarily Northern California, Bay Area.

Well, when these bouts of warm come. I feel like I need a summer dress. I think because they are some of my favorite things to wear when they fit right. What's the best part of a summer dress? Well, you put it on over your head and bingo! You're done. Slap on some shoes run a brush over your teeth and tada. you're done.

And even if you don't feel "pretty" per se, you definitely feel like you are more together. I enjoy those moments.

In my struggle to compensate for how I feel and that I basically have a body that should theoretically try everything on. I enlisted El Diablo to cyber shop for a dress with me, and he approved of my $100 hoodie purchase so I basically listened. He said, "style cut and color" should be agreeable. So I chucked it in the basket.

Fat Girl Friday stretched another week after it's delivery and it sat there in it's pristine plastic bag. Finally on Sunday (another warm day AND i exercised so my esteem was doing a little better) I nerved up enough to try it on and it fit really well. The color is very flattering and El Diablo was right.

I bought a few more things, in stores that day. And most importantly when I came home, I went through my Spring/Summer box and donated at least 6 items from there. I also went through another drawer and gave away 2 pairs of pants.

Today reaching for a pair of black shoes, I realized, "I never reach for THOSE shoes." I will give those away too.

See giving justifies buying in my warped world.

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